With the Biden administration’s new energy and climate bill – The Inflation Reduction Act – no less than USD 369 billion will be invested in renewable energy, electrification of transport and energy efficiency initiatives over the next ten years. The bill is a milestone in America’s efforts to combat climate change.

How can Swedish companies tap into new green investments in the US, and what are the challenges? Join us in a new episode of Business Sweden News as we turn a spotlight on the business opportunities together with experts in our studio and in Washington D.C. The guests are:

  • Mattias Frumerie, Head of Delegation to UNFCCC, Swedish Ministry of Environment
  • Ingrid Serup, Advisor Trade Policy, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
  • Vlad mamatnsson,商务PG电子官方免费下载美国地区经理
  • Edward McGlone, Einride政府事务高级主管